Beyond Rosie and the Soldier

Some of the most recognizable images of World War II are Rosie the Riveter and the brave soldier fighting to preserve the freedoms of democracy. However, these two mythicized ideas are often too ideal and simplistic in understanding the relationship between men and women during World War II. While all the letters could have probably fit into this category, only a selection of them were placed into this section. 

Thus, as both readers and historians of this project, your task will be interpreting these materials, placing them in context, and determining what these letters tell us that other materials have not. As you go through the exhibit ask yourself the following questions:

How do Emmett's and Jane's relationships change through out the letters?

What do these letters tell us about gender and its function?

How do these letters complicate your understanding of World War II?

Why is it important that we consider gender within these letters in the context of World War II and American society?