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Correspondence: Emmett [Boyd] to [Jane Boyd]: Aug. 2, 1945

Emmett writes to tell Jane that he is officially leaving Italy.

Correspondence: Emmett [Boyd] to [Jane Boyd]: July 29, 1945

Emmett writes to Jane about his movement to Naples, Italy to wait for a ship to leave Europe. He also discusses his sexual desires.

Correspondence: Jane [Boyd] to [Emmett Boyd]: Apr. 7, 1945

Jane writes to Emmett about home, her duties and responsibilities, and the baby.

Correspondence: Mr. Beckwith to Emmett: Feb. 18, 1945

Mr. Beckwith, friend from Kent, Ohio, writes to Emmett about the war, death, and duty.

Correspondence: Emmett [Boyd] to Janey [Boyd]: Jan. 21, 1945

Emmett writes to Jane to inquire about the baby, his flights, and his morale.

Correspondence: Emmett [Boyd] to Janey [Boyd]: Jan. 1, 1945

Emmett writes to Jane to ask about the baby, his new role of leading flight squadron, and daily life in the camp, while waiting for mail.

Correspondence: Emmett [Boyd] to Janey [Boyd]: Dec. 9, 1944

Emmett writes to Jane asking briefly about the impending birth of their child and his frequent flights now.

Correspondence: Emmett [Boyd] to Janey [Boyd]: Oct. 9, 1944

Emmett writes to Jane about his movement to Italy.

Correspondence: Jane [Boyd] to [Emmett Boyd]: Sept. 29, 1944

Jane writes to Emmett to briefly discuss her pregnancy, the home front, and Emmett's activities.